The Beach Tag Rugby Championships are over for another year. Well Done to the cup winners 'NUTS', Plate winners all the the way from Wales 'ISCA' and Medal winners 'UB50'.
This weekend whilst we were delighting in rugby on the beach in both scorching sun & torrential rain 100's of clubs throughout the country were painting, scrubbing, building, strimming, cleaning & tidying as part of the #NatWestRugbyForce weekend.
We too applied to the NatWest Rugby Force & the beach tag event formed part of our succesful application. 
But we still need to do some club maintenance!! 
Those of you that have walked past the equipment shed this season will see that it has long past it best before date!
Our big project this summer is to:-
Move the equipment
Disconnect the electrics
Demolish & clear the site
Build a new shed
We are very lucky to have skilled trades as members of our club. But some manual labour will be required to help demolish and clear the site; And once built to kit it out inside.
WATCH THIS SPACE for dates & times.
EverytimeI go to the club I can see bits and pieces that need doing. Do you?
If you would like to help out send us a messa

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